News about the Corona virus

Dear Koelnmesse Customers and Partners,

Now that additional groups of the sectors involved in trade fairs planned to be held in Cologne in the autumn have reported that they do not intend to take part in trade fairs at this stage of the pandemic, the Koelnmesse Management Board, in close consultation with the Supervisory Board, has decided – in spite of the extensive effort already made to restart trade fairs in the autumn – not to hold events of its own in Cologne through the end of October 2020. gamescom and DMEXCO 2020 will be held in all-digital form.

Unfortunately, however, we did not succeed in easing our customers’ deep-seated doubts, and their attitude understandable at the moment. We are well aware of what this serious decision means, for us as a company and for Cologne as a business location. All of us, working together here in Cologne, did our best to make the re-start a reality. Without adequate levels of participation by exhibitors and visitors, however, this is impossible.

We take seriously the difficult situation of our customers – and their concern for the health of their employees. However, we remain firmly convinced that, if all parties involved behave prudently, trade fairs can be held safely and successfully under new circumstances and subject to appropriate conditions. As event professionals, we see ourselves in a position to create framework conditions suitable to trade fairs, even in times such as these:

• Trade fairs with a B2B orientation are fundamentally different to sporting events and funfairs. With trade fairs, the focus is on personal conversations and business contacts.
• We are convinced that our trade fairs offer exhibitors and visitors ideal platforms for accelerating their return to business and for a rapid success after the crisis.
• We see even now extensive travel facilitation by autumn, at least for Europe, as the basis for appropriate participation.
• We assume that more countries will follow suit until the start of our trade fairs. The resumption of air traffic will also contribute to this.
• We are also convinced that the participants of our trade fairs are aware of their responsibility and will stick to the safety regulations and precautionary measures.
• In Cologne, hotels, restaurants, transport companies and retailers have been familiar with the special features of the trade fair business for many years and prepare carefully for the return of their guests and customers.
• As central business platforms, trade fairs offer an indispensable way to quickly and sustainably return the economy to the greatest possible normalcy.
• Production, logistics, sales and communication will change, networking of the players, reactivation of economic relationships and the establishment of new business will be more important than ever before. It is essential for all market participants to actively prepare for this now.

Even in these times of the coronavirus pandemic, we have a safe and promising trade fair venue to offer our customers. With this in mind, in compliance with the terms of the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia and in close coordination with the authorities in Cologne, we have drawn up measures for our trade fairs in Cologne that will seamlessly intermesh and govern the way we interact at the trade fair. Our goal is to provide the highest and most professional level of safety while creating an environment, in which our customers’ business can grow again. We firmly believe that, with this comprehensive catalogue of measures in place, we will be in a position to organise trade fairs in Cologne once again, beginning in November 2020.

Get a picture of our measures, which we have summarized under the keyword #B-SAFE4business .

We have an obligation to our customers and their sectors to offer them favourable prospects once again. The Koelnmesse event teams look forward to welcoming you to the trade fair grounds in Cologne.
The following changes currently apply to the trade fair ground in Cologne:

—> INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE (originally 01.03. to 04.03.2020) has been postponed to 21.02. to 24.02.2021.
—> h+h cologne, International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft + Hobby Supplies (originally 20.03. to 22.03 2020), has been postponed to 26.03. to 28.03.2021.
—> insureNXT | CGN (originally 21. to 22.04.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 21. to 22.04.2021.
—> ART COLOGNE (originally 23. to 26.04.2020) will be postponed to 19. to 22.11.2020 and will take place parallel to COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN.
—> photokina (originally 27. bis 30.05.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 18. to 21.05.2022.
—> Imaging Innovation Conference (originally 26.05.2020) is cancelled, a new date is in coordination.
—> PerMediCon (originally 09. to 10.06.2020) is cancelled, next date will be in November 2020.
—> THE TIRE COLOGNE (originally 09. to 12.06.2020) will be postponed to 18. to 20.05.2021.
—> CCXP COLOGNE (originally 26. to 28.06.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 25. to 27.06.2021.
—> gamescom (originally 26. to 29.08.2020) will take place from 27. to 30.08.2020 exclusively in digital form.
—> devcom (originally 22. to 24.08.2020) will take place from 17.08. to 30.08.2020 also exclusively in digital form.
—> spoga+gafa (originally 06. to 08.09.2020) pauses 2020. As a central order fair from 2021 onwards it will be moved to June to reflect the business cycles of the garden industry. The next date will be 30.05. to 01.06.2021.
—> Kind + Jugend (originally 17. to 20.09.2020) pauses 2020. The next date will be 16. to 19.09.2021.
—> DMEXCO will be held on the dates originally scheduled (23. to 24.09.2020) as a purely digital event: DMEXCO @home. The physical event in Cologne will not take place in 2020.
—> INTERMOT (originally 6. to 11.10.2020) will not take place in 2020. A digital event is planned for the end of 2020.
—> ORGATEC (originally scheduled for 27. to 31.10.2020) pauses 2020. The next date will be 25. to 29.10.2022.
—> euvend & coffeena (originally scheduled for 29. to 31.10.2020) pauses 2020. The next date will be 27. to 29.10.2022.

The organizers of several guest trade fairs have also decided to postpone their events to a later date, or not to hold them at all:

—> IAW (originally 10.03. to 12.03.2020) has been postponed to 02. to 04.03.2021.
—> EMV (originally 17.03. to 19.03.2020) has been postponed to 15.03. to 17.03..2022.
—> FIBO (originally 02.04. to 05.04.2020) will now be held from 01.10. to 03.10.2020 as a purely digital event.
—> ANGA COM (originally 12. to 14.05.2020) has been postponed to 08. to 10.06.2021.
—> Deutsche VET (originally 15. to 16.05.2020) has been postponed to 11. to 12.11.2020.
—> Chemspec Europe (originally 27. to 28.05.2020) has been postponed to 11. to 12.06.2021.
—> Plastic Free World Conference & Expo (originally 16. to 17.06.2020) has been postponed to 09. bis 10.11.2020.
—> iVT Expo (originally 24. to 25.06.2020) has been postponed to 29.06. to 30.06. 2021. Zukunft Personal Europe (originally 15. to 17.09.2020) has been canceled. A virtual HR Week takes place from 12. to 16.10.2020.
—> PMR Expo,will be held on the dates originally scheduled (24.11. to 26.11.2020) as a purely digital event

Should you have further questions about guest events, please contact the organiser concerned.

A current overview of the trade fairs in Cologne can be found in our calendar of events .
The following changes currently apply to our events outside Germany:

—> EmTech ASIA in Singapore (originally 25. to 26.02.2020) will take place digitally from 04.08. to 06.08.2020.

—>MIECF in China (originally 26. to 28.03.2020) has been cancelled.
—> interzum guangzhou in China (originally 28. to 31.03.2020) will be postponed to 27. to 30.07.2020.
—> ANUFOOD China 2020 (originally 15. to 17.04.2020) has been postponed to 21. to 23.04.2021.
—> Wine & Gourmet Japan (originally 15. to 17.04.2020) has been postponed to 21. to 23.04.2021.
—> FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo in Brazil (originally 23. to 26.04.2020) are postponed to 22. to 25.04.2021.
—> IDEM Singapore (originally 24. to 26.04.2020) is also not able to take place at the new date (19. to 21.06.2020). This year a digital solution is offered from 19.06. to 19.08.2020.
—> THAIFEX – Anuga Asia in Thailand (originally 26. to 30.05.2020) is postponed to 22. to 26.09.2020 and will take place as a hybrid event. interzum bogotá in Colombia (originally 26. to 29.05.2020) is postponed to 02. to 05.02.2021.
—> Alimentec in Colombia (originally 09. to 12.06.2020) is postponed to 23. to 26. March 2021. China International Hardware Showin China (originally 07. to 09.08.2020) is postponed to 08. to 10.10.2021.
—>ANUTEC – International FoodTec India and Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India in India (originally 23. to 25.09.2020) is postponed to 26. to 28.11.2020.
—> DAMA in Singapore (originally 09. to 10.10.2020) is postponed to 2022.
—> gamescom asia in Singapur ((originally 15. to 18.10.2020) is postponed to 14. to 17.10.2021.
—> ProFood Tech in USA (originally 13. to 15.04.2021) has been cancelled.
—> WellFood Ingredients Summit in Brasilia (originally 14. to 15.04.2021) has been cancelled.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the trade fairs in Cologne in our calendar of events.
More information can be found on the websites of the following institutions:

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (Federal Ministry of Health)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Robert Koch Institute (German Health Institute)
Trade fair associations at the German, European and global levels are campaigning in public and amongst political decision-makers for an restart of trade fairs in Germany and worldwide. Together with the trade fair sector, they have developed the appropriate framework conditions and measures and introduced these to the public. The details of these conditions can be found here:

UFI: Global framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events post the emergence from COVID-19

European Exhibition Industry Alliance: Position Paper – Exhibitions and Live Events are the fast track to economic recovery

AUMA: German Economy Needs Exhibitions for Restart